Rust Proofing

Once vehicle rust and corrosion start, they can spread rapidly, shortening the lifespan of your vehicle and reducing its resale value. Many factors can contribute to rust buildup on your car:

  • Rain and humidity
  • Salt on the road during winter
  • Salt water from the ocean
  • Simple neglect

At Bromley Automotive we use Dominion Sure Seal No Drip Rustproofing, a premium, no drip, oil based rust protection that stops rust and prevents new rust from forming on both new and used vehicles. It will not drip or sag, resists severe weather, and displaces moisture so it can be applied at any time.

The professional technicians at Bromley Automotive have plenty of experience rustproofing cars, trucks, SUVs, vans and all other types of vehicles. We will make sure your vehicle is ready to fight the elements, and as an added bonus, rust proofing your vehicle can help it look shiny and polished.

Tips Of The Trade

  • The new highway liquid ice melter is 5 times more corrosive than salt. Protect your vehicle from its number one enemy, rust, by regularly washing it and getting it rust-proofed yearly.

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